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Triangle Women In Business

Triangle Women in Business focuses on women that are local to the greater Triangle NC area including Wake, Johnson, Durham, Chatham, Franklin, Granville, and Orange counties and who are owners, operators, and/or representatives of a small business that services the Triangle area.   


Triangle Women in Business is a group for learning, sharing, and supporting each other. Members should respect each other and their privacy. We are here to help each other start, run, and grow our businesses through empowerment, education, and encouragement.


We have a few select guidelines to ensure the group remains true to its mission.

  • Members are strongly encouraged to be active in the group by attending networking events, classes, workshops, vendor fairs, conferences, lectures, volunteer sessions, training sessions, and auctions.  Participating in group discussions means that you're heard and you can help shape the future of this group.  Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you participate you will learn and grow your business.

  • Our members should be proud to be a member of Triangle Women in Business, and happy to participate in the group, and help members learn and grow. This is a supportive, empowering group. 

  • Member information is not to be used for cold-calling, and is not to be sold, or redistributed in any way.

  • Advertisements are not allowed on the Facebook group wall.

  • Any member under legal investigation of criminal wrongdoing will be placed on probation or expelled from the group at the sole discretion of the Board.

  • Membership dues are to be paid on a yearly basis. Failure to pay dues will result in removal from the group.

  • Group information should not be shared with members outside of the group, or with other groups to include processes, files, articles, photos, videos, directory list, or any other content on the website in any area.


Your membership is for yourself as a representative of your business. If you own two businesses and wish both to be recognized, you will need to apply and join under both businesses. For example, if Jane Smith owns Jane's Bistro and Smith Landscaping, Jane would need to join as the owner of both companies if she wanted both companies fully represented in Triangle Women in


To join Triangle Women in Business you must:

  1. Apply to join, and be approved

  2. Pay the invoice for your dues. Dues are paid yearly.

  3. Follow the instructional email to create account credentials to log into the Members' Only area on this site. 

  4. A New Member Information Packet will be mailed to you with additional information.

​For further more specific information please read:

Membership Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use



Any questions regarding your application or membership contact TWIB directly via the Contact page.

Proudly serving our members from all over the Triangle, Raleigh , Durham, Chapel Hill and all towns in between. 
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