A Heartfelt Thank You to Our 2019 Advisory Board

We want to thank our 2019 Advisory Board members. Without them we truly could not have achieved the things we achieved this year.

This year in 2019 we relaunched TWIB to be a vetted members-only group focused on encouraging, educating, and empowering women to achieve their professional and personal goals. We are a strong group of women who make up this TWIB Tribe that we are so very proud of. By the end of 2019 we will have held over 40 events focused on networking, education, and inspiration. Along the way we’ve seen a lot of strong bonds and relationships build and help our members. We’ve partnered with Vibe to bring more events and more value to our members, and we’ve partnered with Redefined Courage to give back to women locally.

Sue Kemple

Sue has led many events for us this year, helping our members understand that giant mountain that is marketing and understand the many steps needed in order to climb it. She has invaluable insight and has helped so many of us. She graciously offers all of our members a 15-minute phone call to begin that marketing journey. Sue and her business partner Cindy have also started F3, Fierce Female Founders this year which is a female focused small business incubator and start up program to help launch new businesses. Their office is at Vibe and you should contact them for more info.

Lora Harris

What can we say about Lora? She is walking sunshine and one of those people that you can’t help but to smile when you’re around them. She has led several classes and events this year and shared knowledge across multiple topics with the group. Her insight and advice were instrumental in helping us achieve our goal to transition to a members only group this year and we’re so thankful for everything she’s done for us. Check out Lolo's Coaching Cloud for more info on Lora.

Jeannine Barron

Jeannine was helpful for us behind the scenes offering insight and advice as we transitioned this group and we are thankful for the help she gave us this year.

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