Let's Talk About Delegating

Updated: Jul 30, 2019


[ noun del-i-git, -geyt; verb del-i-geyt ]

verb: to entrust to another

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But for many business owners, especially women, it’s really difficult to do. We’re often unwilling or just too overwhelmed to even consider the benefits of delegating. The reality is that we’re ALL busy and we often feel overwhelmed. We’re working hard in our businesses, we’re trying to find time to nurture personal relationships, we’re shuttling our children to activities, we’re trying to manage errands, shopping, school functions, business meetings, we’re trying to eat healthy and get to the gym and we’re trying to have a life on top of it all! And sadly, many of us are spending our weeknights or weekends trying to tackle the dreaded, never-ending to do list. 41% of to do list items literally never get accomplished!

So, why don’t we just delegate?

Let’s talk about why busy people don’t delegate tasks.

Reason # 1: I can’t afford to delegate

Think about the real price that not delegating is costing you. It’s been said that you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. Recognize that just a few hours a week of personal assistance can make a real difference in your busy life and bring you some peace of mind. A great concierge company will offer service plans ranging from 1 to 50+ hours per month to address your individual needs and they should always honor your budget.

Reason #2: I can’t accept less than 100% of my expectations being met, or I lack faith in the capacity or integrity of others to do the jobs I assign them

A quality personal assistance company will take detailed notes, encourage feedback from the client, and promptly make any needed adjustments.

Clients should be able to turn their stress into trust as they build routines and systems together with their concierge that address their greatest concerns. Top notch personal assistance companies are bonded and insured, they sign confidentiality contracts with their clients, and they operate with 100% transparency and honesty as their core values.

Reason #3: I associate delegating tasks with negative emotions such as inadequacy. I view a reduction in my workload as a threat to my self-worth. I believe everyone else can “manage” so I should be able to do it all myself too.

That’s a big one isn’t it? Hiring a concierge service to manage your household or professionally organize your belongings does not mean you’re giving up control of running your home. They don’t take over your life, they simply help you take control of your time and help you to achieve some work and life balance. Effectively delegating means you’re choosing to take a different approach to managing your busy life so that you can place your focus onto where you need it to be, your business and your family. You never know what type of services others are hiring to help with their workload either. If someone else’s life looks 100% put together and perfect, chances are they hire help, and remember people only show you what they want you to see, especially on social media.

The moment you feel overwhelmed or realize you simply can't get it all done is ACTUALLY the best time to delegate. When you invest your limited time into tasks that others can do just as well or better than you can, you’re actually robbing yourself of time spent doing things you excel at or the things that make your money. Isn’t that why you went into business?

We’ve never lived in a faster-paced world. Between career & personal lives and all that comes with it we’ve never been busier. Finding work-life balance is a daily juggling act and we’re tough on ourselves if we drop a ball or two. With increased mindfulness, we’re all starting to think more about how we value and spend our time. Delegating and outsourcing help doesn’t mean you’re failing, instead, it shows that you are choosing to take control and spend your time wisely – something you should be proud of!

What are some easy things to delegate to free up your time for family or making money with your business?

  • Household errands like groceries, dry cleaning, or dropping off and picking up your pet from the groomers, vet, or doggie daycare

  • Professional organization

  • Event assistance and errands

  • Helping with your move

  • Waiting at your home for the cable guy or vendors to come while you’re busy at work

Around the holidays a concierge can help with:

  • Wrapping gifts

  • Signing, sealing, addressing, and mailing cards and invitations

  • Picking up or delivering gift certificates, food, and gift baskets to acquaintances and clients

How do we delegate effectively?

1. Determine the price that you are paying by not delegating your household tasks.

2. Determine why you resist delegating and learn how to overcome those doubts

3. Recognize that nothing changes if nothing changes! Only you can take yourself down off the hamster wheel that you’re running and free up your time.

4. Call Consider It Done! and speak to an experienced, licensed concierge and start the conversation. You have the ability to create your reality, but it’s up to you to take the necessary steps by daring to delegate. Consider It Done! can be reached at 562-883-2600 or ConsiderItDoneASAP.com. (TWIB members can check out the Discounts page in the Members Only area of the website for an exclusive discount available only to you.)

About the Author and Her Business:

Consider It Done! is an award winning local full-service personal assistance/concierge/lifestyle management company celebrating 15th years in business. Consider It Done! was originally founded in Southern California in 2004. We built a fabulous team, became a local time management expert, and helped a lot of busy people. In 2018 we moved from CA to NC and relaunched Consider It Done! in 2019.

Consider It Done! helps overextended Triangle area entrepreneurs, executives and families avoid daily overwhelm by professionally organizing their time, their lives, their calendars and their possessions so they can focus on their family, their careers or on growing their small businesses. We have made a commitment to helping overextended families and business owners achieve a better quality of life. We are passionate about time management and educating busy people, especially women, why and how to delegate effectively.

Proudly serving our members from all over the Triangle, Raleigh , Durham, Chapel Hill and all towns in between. 
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