Member Spotlight: Rachel Helms

Our first weekly TWIB Magazine Member Spotlight is Rachel Helms. I had the pleasure of recently interviewing her over lunch at one of our neighborhood small business owned restaurants. She is a highly rated Realtor with Blue Skye Realty Group. She serves our entire area but is an expert on Wake Forest and surrounding areas like Rolesville, Youngsville, and North Raleigh, as well as the unincorporated areas around them. Rachel moved to the Triangle area from Nottingham England in 2008. If Nottingham sounds familiar, you might be thinking of Robin Hood. After a few years in Raleigh Rachel and her husband Trevor (Triangle Certification) moved to Wake Forest in 2012 and welcomed their darling daughter Charlotte in 2016.

Rachel with husband Trevor and daughter Charlotte

Rachel loves the small town feel and thinks “Wake Forest is wonderful”. Her face genuinely lights up when talking about how perfect Wake Forest is for all families, including hers. After hearing her speak so glowingly about Wake Forest, they really should give her a key to the city. “You have everything you need in Wake Forest.” In our 90-minute conversation she beamed while speaking about Wake Forest, Real Estate, and her family. Her level of expertise on our area far surpassed mine, and I’ve lived in Wake Forest for two years, and in this area for over twenty. The greater the knowledge a Realtor has of an area, the higher the quality of information that they have available to their clients. Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, and North Raleigh are growing tremendously and have been for years with no slowdown in sight. An area specialist like Rachel can truly help you comprehend how that growth will affect your home buying decision, and Rachel fits the bill.

We spoke of her childhood love for figure skating, and the amount of dedication it took to become a figure skater. You can see that dedication and passion in her approach to Real Estate as well. She believes in truly knowing your area, the communities there, and the people and businesses that make them so desirable. In addition, she believes in being completely up to date on all things Real Estate including laws, new subdivisions and areas of development, upcoming road maintenance, schools, and design trends. She’s an admitted HGTV addict (like the rest of us), and loves seeing all the homes and DIY shows.

While we talked about Real Estate and her view on Real Estate and being a Realtor, several things struck me. Rachel is extremely focused on Customer Service and wants to be as proactive as possible for her clients, and it shows in everything she said. When I asked her about her approach, she spoke lively about how her clients are her #1 priority, how she works hard to not overwhelm her clients and how intent she is on respecting, educating, and helping people while being truly transparent in the entire process. She is a proponent of all buyers being informed of their rights, as is mandated by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (the licensing board that governs Real Estate), how all of the processes surrounding a Real Estate transaction work, and she wants to make sure her clients understand everything that affects them. An example of this is the fact that you don’t have to have the same Realtor to sell your existing home and purchase your new home. Two agents can both work together for you on either side of the deal, that way you can make sure you have a local expert agent on both sides of the equation. Similarly she works with a local instate mortgage lender to avoid potential interstate problems with getting her clients’ loans approved and processed.

Rachel Helms (center) with happy buyers (right) at their closing with TWIB Co-Founder and lender Catt Fleetwood (left)

Rachel limits the number of simultaneous clients that she takes on in order to ensure that they get the devotion, time, and attention that they deserve. “I am a working mom, my family is extremely important to me, and I am a natural nurturer; I take care of them.” She wants to hear and understand her clients’ motivations, needs, and fears so she can best serve them. Rachel’s number one piece of advice for new Realtors, or anyone in business, is to always listen and hear your clients. The wise old adage states “Don’t listen to respond, listen to understand” and Rachel embodies it completely. Over the course of our discussion she listened intently as I spoke about Triangle Women in Business and my own family, and we discussed the ups and downs of parenthood and running a business. She was definitely finding and hearing my own motivations, needs, and fears.

Additionally, Rachel has a genuine methodology and attitude towards working with other agents and other members of the Real Estate community including mortgage lenders and home contractors. She knows that having a strong local referral network assists agents in helping their clients in all areas across all issues and subjects. Rachel recognizes that when agents and vendors work together that their clients get the best possible service.

For hobbies, Rachel enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and being outdoors. She is also artistic and loves to do crafts and DIY projects. Before she became a Realtor, she worked in IT doing web design. She realized that Real Estate was and has always been her biggest passion as she spent her free time watching shows, reading articles, and viewing homes. In additional to being a member of Triangle Women in Business, Rachel is also a member of Wake Forest Wine Club and Wake Forest Sisterhood.

Rachel’s clients become her friends and I can see why. While Charlotte nibbled lunch and watched Winnie the Pooh on her mom’s iPad, we chatted about everything under the sun. Our meeting ended with a hug and I feel like we’ve known each other for ages. She is extremely down-to-Earth and friendly, and so very easy to talk to. If you’re considering selling or buying property, contact Rachel today.

Proudly serving our members from all over the Triangle, Raleigh , Durham, Chapel Hill and all towns in between.