Our Partnership with Vibe Cary Coworking

If you're already following Vibe, they beat us to press but what this news means for our members is however quite newsworthy!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Vibe Cary Coworking on the expansion of their large event space. TWIB Co-Founder Laura Long Collins worked with Vibe co-founders Nanette Maddox and Leah Campbell to determine what needed to be done in the space in order to open it up. The original space comprised of 3 rooms and a hallway.

The demolition and construction team comprised of Laura and Catt, Nanette and Leah, both "Mr. TWIBs" Scott Collins and Todd Fleetwood, and Laura's nephew John West. Together the TWIB team was able to demolish the walls and open up the space. The newly dubbed "TWIB Room" is almost 2,000 square feet and created a flexible venue able to accommodate up to 90 people in multiple configurations. We held our 2019 Holiday Party and End-of-Year Banquet in the room and had a wonderful time.

TWIB holds our Monthly Networking Lunch in the space as well as other classes and events. Check out the Events calendar often as we are working to fill it with 2020 events. (In 2019 we held over 40 events!)

Triangle Women in Business appreciates and is honored by our partnership with Vibe. TWIB members get a discount on event rentals and memberships for the entire Vibe space and also have the ability to use the TWIB room at a discount. If you have questions about using the TWIB room, please reach out to Vibe and inquire.

Photos of Become H.E.R Speaker Series Event Courtesy of ABC11

All other Photography Courtesy of Jenny Midgley Photography

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