How is Triangle Women in Business different from other groups?

The short answer is that we focus on helping local female small business owners start, run, and grow their businesses through networking, empowerment, education, and encouragement. Also remember you can join more than one group! Many TWIB members are members of other groups both locally and nationally.

There are several other local groups for women in business, and each has a different purpose:

  • Some are focused only on business owners in certain local small towns and are open to men and women

  • One local group is focused specially for people in MLM and Direct Sales

  • Several groups are specially for people in one particular job or industry

  • One local professional women's group is focused solely on lobbying and legislation to make it more fair and equal for women in the workplace

  • Several are focused on networking and meeting as many people as possible in a short period of time like speed-dating

  • Many local groups have a circle of specific industries where you pay monthly fees to be referred by other members

  • One local group is strictly for new job seekers to find employment

  • Many great local Chambers of Commerce help businesses connect with each other

  • Some women's business groups are focused solely on women in the corporate world breaking the glass ceiling

While you may find that one of these groups might be beneficial to you in some way, none of them are focused on helping to educate, empower, and encourage female owners and operators from all industries, all business sizes, and all areas of the triangle to help them start, run, and grow their businesses. Your business is important because it is your  business, and we want to see you succeed.


That's what sets Triangle Women in Business apart.


Our members represent a wide variety of industries and roles and they're encouraged to share their wisdom and knowledge with each other. While there are probably national groups with the same goal, they don't have the local knowledge, support, and connections that we do. While technology helps bring us together, nothing beats sitting face-to-face over a cup of coffee sharing information and building a real connection. 


We work together to help all of our members achieve their goals.

Proudly serving our members from all over the Triangle, Raleigh , Durham, Chapel Hill and all towns in between. 
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